5 Stars –  History and Vampires……Perfect Together!

“And so are co-authors Druscilla Morgan and Roy C. Booth! If you like historical romance, the vampire genre, and plenty of action, you will enjoy this fast paced book. I like my vampires to be ruthless, and that describes one of the main characters Lucius, and as ruthless as he is, he is still intriguing and I want to know more about him. Margrethe is young and innocent, but quickly learns how to become a survivor by having to make “between a rock and a hard place” decisions. Self preservation and protecting those she loves is a challenge to say the least. I like the character development, because it really is setting the backdrop to the next part of this saga. Druscilla is a first-time author and as far as I’m concerned, she nailed it! Ms Morgan is not only a great story-teller, but a talented artist, and an ardent animal lover as well. I encourage everyone to read and lose yourself in this story. I’m looking forward to the sequel.” – Kim Amaral, Amazon US

5 Stars –  Loved this book

A very enjoyable read, the plot twists kept me wanting to read more to see if I was right , but I wasn’t. Not your usual vampire story because it keeps you interested in what or who the characters will evolve into next. I look forward to the sequel if there is one.” – Amazon Customer, Amazon Aus

5 Stars –  I truly enjoyed the attention to historical details and the overall pacing …

“I truly enjoyed the attention to historical details and the overall pacing of the book. And stylized lack of dialog tags was quit refreshing as well! I must admit, I had different expectations for this novel than usual due to the genre and perceived content, but the ongoing action and plot development kept my interest throughout. I also enjoyed the characterizations, especially the changes brought about with Margrethe and the complex evil of Lucius. I look forward to the sequel.” – Mark Wilcowski, Amazon US

4 Stars –  A Beautiful light read

“A Beautiful light read with nice flow and memorable characters.
It was very easy to create an impression in your mind of how each character looked and follow them as they grew along with the storyline.
The perfect book to read if you have to suffer interruptions, as the light, easy flowing style of the writer, allows you to quickly pick back up where you left off and fall back into the story world (I believe a previous review called it a “stylized lack of dialog tags”)
I look forward to reading more from this writing duo” – The Ice Witch, Amazon Aus

4 Stars Thumbs up.

“I bought the Kindle version of this the day it came out. While I have zero interest in zombie stories like Walking Dead and similar ilk (zombies are so boring), I do enjoy me some vampire tales, with the exception of Twilight. Vampires don’t sparkle! BON was a pleasant read, more in the line of UNDERWORLD than that Twi-shit. A good read. Hopefully a sequel will follow.

Extra kudos go to first time author Druscilla Morgan for her amazing cover painting. If you’re a writer, hire her to paint you a cover. I certainly hope to for my first novel.

Another excellent novel from co-author Roy C. Booth. I hope to work with him someday on the Legion of Booth. We will conquer the world.” – John F Mollard, Amazon US


4 Stars  –  Satisfying Reads

“I enjoyed this second horror anthology outing from Harren Press — no clunkers with the “worst” of the stories being more than passable. My favorites were “Four Houses Down,” “The New Eye of Balor,” “Raising Rudi,” “Food Chains,” and “Samaritan.”

I look forward to reading and reviewing other Harren anthologies in the future.” – Mark Wilkowski, Amazon US

4 Stars –  A mixed bag, both with regards to content and quality

“This book reminded me of the bags of lollies we used to buy as children. ‘Twenty cents worth of mixed lollies’, we’d say, naively casting ourselves on the generosity of the shop ladies, which generally worked out a lot better than we deserved. There’d be some of everything, some of the coveted Cobbers, everyone’s favourite, and also some of the despised el cheapo Milk Bottles et alia.

In the same way, this book is a mixed bag, containing some really wonderful stories, and some that are…. well, there was always one kid who liked Milk Bottles.

Deserving of special mention were The Old Kodak, Raising Rudi, Samaritan and my personal favourite, Four Houses Down. I just can’t say how much I enjoyed it. The book is worth buying for that one story alone…”  –  T Ormiston-smith, Amazon US


5 Stars –  Cyborgs and mech suits and astronauts, oh my!

“I really liked reading these SF stories during my lunch breaks. Some of my favorites.

“Mech” by CJ Cherryh: Cops in mech suits go on a routine call and stumble upon something a bit out of their league.

“Meerga” by John Shirley: Will the pleasure artifical being revert to type or not?

“The Walk” by Druscilla Morgan: A family struggles to find out what happened to Grandpa under a bizarre set of circumstances.

“Etremeum” by R. Thomas Riley and Roy C. Booth: Some problems in life are better suited to taken on head on. Literally and figuratively.

“Extra Credit” by Paul Levinson: Subtle manipulation between similar realities deftly well done.

Again, aa lot of fun and highly recommended!”  –  Mark Wilkowski, Amazon US